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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Carole Gunn and she works in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

She co-ordinates the additional support throughout the school and works with a brilliant team of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs).

The SENCo is based in the SEALS room which is off the walkway between Chiltley and Foley wing.

Before the children start in year 3, the SENCo liaises closely with Liphook Infant school or any other feeder school. Shortly after the start of term the children will have various assessments and based on all the information we gather we will decide on which children need additional support.

All children may at some time in their school life require additional support. It may be for only a short period or it may be for longer and it may be for a variety of reasons.

We support children with emotional, social, and behavioural needs; those with speech and language difficulties; those with physical needs and of course those with many different learning needs.

During the first term, if we feel that your child may need additional support, we will write to you and invite you to a meeting where you can meet the team and learn all about the strategies and programmes we use.

The SEN policy details the principles and procedures we follow but you are most welcome to contact the school for more detailed information.

We welcome all children, whatever their need, and look forward to working closely with parents in order to achieve the best outcomes. We aim to keep you well informed and have an ‘open door’ policy which means that if you have any concerns or worries you can pop in or phone to make an appointment.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years

The SEND Reforms place a statutory requirement on schools from September 2014 to make information available to parents about how the school supports children and young people with SEN.