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Our unique curriculum including the national curriculum

at the Federation of Liphook Infant School and Liphook C of E Junior School

 We have developed a broad, balanced, rich curriculum where every individual child is valued. 

Subject leaders have developed a progression of skills and knowledge pertinent to their subject, made relevant cross curricular links and identified key technical vocabulary and assessments from Year R through to Year 6. Our staff receive excellent continual professional development which ensures that they teach with confidence, expertise and experience.  This approach ensures children experience learning that is built on solid foundations, and which is meaningful and engaging. They develop a true love and thirst for learning which enables them to be securely ready for each stage of their education.

Our curriculum takes on three key principles which we call ‘The Three I’s’. 

1. The INTENT of our curriculum is to develop every child’s personal, social and moral integrity whilst providing full coverage of the national curriculum expectations within our unique federation curriculum. This provides opportunities and experiences to equip and prepare children to live and succeed in an unknown and ever changing future world. 

2. The IMPLEMENTATION of our curriculum structure is based on a highly effective, seven-year journey, building on prior learning. Our curriculum is purposeful, relevant and aspirational, where language and learning are linked and applied across subjects. Our rigorous assessment processes ensure that all children are supported and challenged appropriately.

3. The overall IMPACT of the curriculum is measured by evaluating both the knowledge and skills our children have gained and acquired against the expectations of the national curriculum as well as the personal and social attributes and qualities they have developed in readiness for the next stage of their education.


We aim for our curriculum to:

1. Be underpinned by our aims, values and purpose

2. Develop the whole child – through knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes

3. Be broad, balanced and have a clear progression in subject knowledge and skills

4. Be filled with rich first-hand purposeful experiences

5. Be flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests

6. Be open to the future and the needs of future citizens including developing a respect for the environment

7. Make meaningful links between areas of knowledge across subjects, enabling our children to begin to understand issues locally, nationally and internationally and to recognise how they can make a contribution to an even better world

8. Develop a sense of spirituality, moral integrity, cultural respect and social adaptability in order to thrive and succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world.

For Subject and Year Group Curriculum Information, please click on the relevant Year Group or Subject Picture to take you  to our Overview Pages. Please feel free to see your child's teacher, or subject leader for any further information regarding the curriculum

The full National Curriculum at September 2014 may also be downloaded below

Subject Leaders 2018 - 2019