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Our Golden Code

Golden Rules

At Liphook Junior School, our aim is to create an environment where we acquire an increasing sense of self-discipline and confidence so that however old we are, we strive to be happy, secure, truthful, caring and respectful towards each other. Only then will we be able to teach, learn and grow together.

For a school to function effectively it is necessary to establish a working environment with clearly established rules and expectations. Children function best in a calm and safe environment. All children are expected to walk around the school building and use a quiet voice. We also follow a golden code of rules which are positively expressed and acceptable to all. They are clear and unequivocal and are displayed prominently in classrooms and around the school. We operate a systems of rewards and sanctions. Inappropriate behaviour is dealt with consistently by a well-known series of consequences, which are mainly managed by the class teacher. More serious anti-social behaviours are referred to a member of the senior management team.